Genevieve Schaad

Genevieve Schaad

Genevieve (Gen) Schaad is a dedicated practitioner, student, and now certified teacher of Mutual Awakening for over 3 years. Through this work, she has become adept at meeting people where they are at and helping them activate their inner strengths and power to profoundly and ongoingly bring forth their next level in evolution.

She has worked one-on-one with people through a 12-step recovery program for over 3 years, specializing in addiction and recovery, and have seen radical improvement in individual's perception of themselves and in their happiness and well-being.

Genevieve’s background in program management at Google, stage and production management and starting her own business has put her in a unique position of working with teams and individuals, understanding the hardships that we all face including addiction and apathy, learning how to overcome obstacles together, and finding deep fulfillment, fun, and intimacy in the process. Her passion includes sharing these skills with others!

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