Genevieve Schaad

Genevieve Schaad is a dedicated practitioner, student, and certified teacher of Mutual Awakening for 4 ½ years -- and in many ways, she was made for interconnected consciousness. You feel it as soon as you work with her. The new paradigm that is beyond self-centeredness and individual process, is her natural playground, it is the air she breathes.

Even while she brings a wealth of experience and tactical knowledge of ‘we space’ practices like co-meditation, team dynamics, systems thinking, addiction recovery group work, circle practices, improv exercises, and awakening through dialog, it is her undiluted commitment to mutual awakening that grabs and transforms the people around her. There’s something about her that provides instant access to truth, trust, intimacy, and spiritual awakening -- and it’s not down inside you, it’s in the space between. Genevieve has proven herself to be a pioneer of the future, and is dedicated to bringing forth the next level of shared unity consciousness.

As a day job, Genevieve works at Google and lives in the Bay Area. In the last couple of years, she helped found a theater company, started her own business of spreading Integrity into the world, and received a degree in early childhood education.

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