Joy Williams-Schilling

Joy Williams Schilling

Joy has lived heart-inclined, a spiritual beckoning moving her along since she was a child.  She came to the Mutual Awakening Practice steeped in experiences as an innovative psychologist and trauma therapist, subtle energy healer, and longtime student in two contemporary spiritual schools. When she experienced Patricia Albere’s ‘origination point’ portal’s power to bring her immediately into a shared unity experience with another willing person, it knocked her socks off.  She’s been socks-off and flowing with this dynamic love endeavor since.  As a member of the Evolutionary Collective’s core unity body and the teaching faculty, Joy experiences herself these days as sovereign and distinctly herself…repeatedly reaffirmed as on track and in concert in bringing divinity into our evolving humanness. She lives devoted and supported in Colorado in a crescent of the Rocky Mountains with her beloved husband and far-flung family and friends.

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